How to Switch to or Declare the Major or Minor

How do I declare the Anthropology major or minor?
In general, students need to meet two of the following requirements: 1) students must maintain a GPA of 2.0 or higher and 2) have taken at least two Anthropology courses taken for a letter grade here at UCLA: two lower divisions, two upper divisions, or one of each. Students who wish to declare the Anthropology major or minor should meet with the undergraduate advisor during drop-in hours or via appointment to discuss the process.

Students that are double majoring must complete all of the prep work and at least two upper division courses for the Anthropology major (BA & BS), in addition to all the prep work and two upper division courses for the second major

There is no pre-Anthropology major or minor.

How can I switch my major to Anthropology?
Students must complete at least two Anthropology courses and receive the letter grades for both classes before switching into the major. Students must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 and must be able to complete the major within their unit max and upon graduation. There is no deadline to when students must be admitted into the major.


Course Credit

The Anthropology course I took is not showing up on my DPR under the major requirement that it’s supposed to fulfill. What do I do?
If the Anthropology course you took is not showing up on your DPR under the correct Anthropology requirement, you will need to fill out a student petition form to request the course to be applied to the correct requirement category.

A list of Anthro Courses that can be petitioned for credit is available here (PDF). These courses are pre-approved & will meet the respective requirement they are listed under.

Can I receive credit for my Anthropology major or minor on my study abroad program?
Students who wish to receive credit for their Anthropology major or minor through a study abroad program will need to petition for credit using a student petition form. Students should consult with the Anthropology undergraduate advisor prior to going abroad to discuss courses and requirements. Upon completion of the course, students must attach a syllabus of the course in order for the petition to go through once they return to the university.

Can I take Anthro courses as P/NP for major credit?
All prep and upper division courses meant to satisfy the Anthropology major/minor requirements must be taken for a letter grade. There is no minimum letter grade you must have for each Anthropology course. However, you must maintain a 2.0 GPA.

Can I repeat an Anthropology course?
Students may repeat up to 16 units of coursework in which they received a grade of a C- or lower. The grade they received on the second time around will be calculated into their GPA (whether it was higher or lower than the first).

The original grade will remain on the student's transcript, but will not be calculated into their UCLA GPA. After 16 units, or if the student does not have enough units left to repeat a course, they may still repeat the course in which they received a letter grade of a C- or lower. However, both grades will then be averaged into their cumulative GPA; the first grade will not be removed from the GPA.

If the student did not receive a grade of a C- or lower, or they repeat the course more than once, the course will be considered an “illegal repeat” and the student will not receive any grade or unit credit for the class. Students may only repeat a course once.

I'm an Anthro minor and I was looking at my DPR and it says that I need to take one class from Anthro 111, 120, 130, M140, or 150. Is that true?
The system hasn't been updated to reflect the recent changes to the minor. The courses listed are the outdated requirements for the minor. Students may take any 5 Upper Division Anthro courses to complete the minor.

I've taken Anthro 157 in the Fall of 2012 (Perspectives on Complementary/Alternative and Integrative Medicine). I want to take Anthro 157 again in the Winter of 2013 (Qualitative Research Methods). Will I receive credit for taking TWO Anthro 157 courses?
Yes, students will receive credit for their major for taking more than one Anthro 157 course. Students may take ANY Anthro 118, 127, 137, 147, 157, 179 -- Any course listed as "Selected Topics in _________ Anthropology"-- for course credit more than once as long as they are two completely different topics than before.

I turned in a petition to get Anthropology credit for my major for a class I took over the summer abroad. How will I know if the petition was approved or denied?
After 1-2 weeks within turning in the petition, students should check on their Degree Progress Report (DPR) or Degree Audit Report (DARS) to see if the course substitution has been applied to the requested requirement. Otherwise, students will receive an email specifying that the petition has been denied and will not count towards Anthropology degree requirements.

I've taken my Physics and Math lower divisions at my community college, but they're not fulfilling my requirements for the BS Major. What should I do?
Students will need to speak with the Physics and Math departments respectively about their previous coursework. They can either have the departments send an email orwritten confirmation to the Anthropology Undergraduate Advisor to be waived from the requirements.



How do I enroll into Anthropology Upper Division classes if it’s restricted for Anthro majors and minors?
Enrollment for Anthropology Upper Division classes is restricted to Anthro majors and minors on the First Pass only. Once the Second Pass begins, everyone that is not officially declared as an Anthro major or minor may enroll into the course.

The course says it requires instructor consent. What does that mean?
Students should email the professor of the course asking for a Permission to Enroll (PTE) Number. It’s a 5 digit code that will allow students to enroll into the desired course.

What courses can I take for my Anthropology UD Electives?
Students may take any Upper Division Anthropology Course that interests them.

How do I sign up for a 197/199 course with my professor?
Students must enroll in the "contract course" through the myucla portal and follow the instructions provided. They must then print out their contract and acquire the signature from their faculty advisor which will then be turned into the Undergraduate Advisor or at the front desk in the Department of Anthropology in 341 Haines Hall. Students may then check their myucla account/study list for approval of the 197/199 course.

The class I'm trying to enroll into says I need to have taken an enforced prerequisite before I can take the Upper Division Anthro class. What does that mean?
Students must have previously taken the enforced prerequisite for the upper division class they are trying to enroll into. If students have taken the course or course equivalent and are still unable to enroll, please email the professor copying and pasting the section of their Degree Audit Report that displays they have completed the prerequisite and request a PTE number from the professor.


Last updated: 09/11/13